CYCLAMATION brings a truck-mounted solvent distillation unit directly to your site and recycles your solvent waste stream quickly and efficiently. Service is usually on a monthly or quarterly schedule, whatever time line is most convenient to you!

CYCLAMATION’s process is distillation under vacuum – not filtration. Our recovered solvent is very pure, clear, and immediately usable in your operation.

You save money from the very first day we recycle solvents at your site. In most cases no new permit is required.

In all cases you will save money because you will reduce the cost of hauling and disposing of your waste as well as reducing the costs of new solvent purchases. CYCLAMATION’S yield for recovered solvent can range as high as 90%, depending upon the specific waste stream. Average yield is 75% recovered, clean, usable solvent.

Reduce the amount of waste being manifested from your site and hauled over our highways and call CYCLAMATION for a consultation.